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Board Systems

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Mineral Fibre Boards to High Specification - Gypsum and Calcium-Silicate

Board systems offer another option to the fire protection of structural steel. For buildings that are likely to suffer high humidity or water damage and are after a clean, boxed appearance whilst offering protection against the heat of a fire outbreak, board systems are most likely the best option for you.

At CVD, we are able to advise the best solution for the minimum periods of time that your structure is regulated by as we have long-lasting relationships with material suppliers. Working with us can help you get the best service at a cost effective price.

Benefits of using boards as a fire prevention:

  • They are Durable and Water Resistant
  • Can be Installed Early in the Build
  • They are Useful for Acoustic Performance Ratings

Promat Approved Installers

As Premier Contractors, we provide a comprehensive range of products, ranging from effective mineral-fibre type boards to high specification Gypsum and Calcium-Silicate board systems which can be taped and finished to a high decorative standard. The Calcium-Silicate Pro-Mat board system, in particular, can be exposed to the elements and is the ideal solution for buildings that experience high humidity, such as distilleries.

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