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Rockwool Fire Barrier Systems

Fire barrier systems are the perfect solution for those that are looking for a labour-saving method to prevent fire and smoke from spreading within a roof to fill gaps in places, like the ceiling. They work by providing compartment separation options as a Passive Fire Protection method.

We work with Rockwool, the world’s leading supplier of stone wool based products and systems, to provide fire barrier systems to our clients. They have a range of accredited products that are available to meet both fire and smoke passage insulation requirements.

Rockwool products provide four solutions in one:

  • Fire Protection
  • Excellent Acoustics
  • Thermal Performance
  • Strong Environmental Credentials

Preventing the spread of fire and smoke in concealed areas

Using a barrier system allows for a speedy and cost reduced installation. They can last for up to 4 hours under heat from a fire and will remain in place in the event of a structural movement. What is more, they can have the added benefit of preventing the spread of sound from one area to another and have an acoustic rating. If you are unsure whether a barrier system is the best fit for your structure, then please get in touch with our team for more advice.

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